One hundred years ago Taavi, the miller of Lankkukoski, built a house next to the mill owned by his father. The place was uniquely beautiful: the lake Sarkavesi was at front and the pond Pajulampi behind the house, while a small river swiftly flew past the house descending into the lake.  The hill was made in to a terrace garden, and behind the house began the vast area of the forest wilds.

One can still admire this beautiful landscape today, hear the rush of the stream, and feel the peaceful and good spirit of the place.

The place has always been open to visitors.  Taavi’s wife Elsa kept a boarding house in the building for a long time.  Many novelists have sought inspiration here, for example Unto Seppänen finished his “Immigrants” here.

After Taavi and Elsa had died, the place was deteriorating.  The old mill of Lankkumylly was about to collapse.  The second name of the mill, and one that we have now taken into use, Linkkumylly, originates from this period.

In the 1980s an energetic travel entrepreneur bought the place, and so came to be established the Lankkumylly inn.  The new owner converted the mill into a restaurant, renovated the house, and had several rental cottages and a kiosk built in the premises.  Lankkumylly became known in Mäntyharju as a lively summer restaurant, with a large number of happenings and festivities.

Now a new era for the place has began again.  The restaurant is no longer open, but we still continue the traditions of travel in our Linkkumylly in many other ways.  The hostess of Linkkumylly is a professional pianist, who kept a café in Helsinki for seven years.  Now there is also a large family and a number of relatives to help with various activities.  The hostess’s sister-in-law takes passionate care of the garden, which flourishes in a more beautiful way than ever before.

This means that in today’s Linkkumylly, we value cosiness and the beauty of the surroundings, as well as music, good food and cheerful parties.  In the summer, we rent out cottages, organise art exhibitions and concerts, and host a summer café in our kiosk.

The kiosk shelves are filled with second-hand books that we sell along handmade textiles and crafts. One of the cottages (see Huvila.net/91)
is also in winter use.  A wide variety of outdoors activities, from trekking and paddling to cycling and fishing invite the visitors to enjoy the fresh and the clean nature.  The lake Sarkavesi with the ancient rock-paintings has been the water-route already since the Stone Age.

After the summer season, there is time and space to focus on other activities.  From the end of August until May we offer unique circumstances for all kinds of small-scale activities, courses and parties.

Delicious meals, prepared in part of the products of our own garden, are offered up to 10 people, along with accommodation in the small chambers of the main building and relaxing bathing in the old firewood Sauna built already by Taavi.

Pre-Christmas parties, family meetings, various trips, fishing, boat rides on a fishing boat and other activities can be arranged according to the wishes of each guest.


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